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At Fire Your Excuses, we want you to get off to a great start on the path to permanent change! To do that we suggest the following 5 steps:

1st- Take the free Fire Your Excuses Self Assessment– This will help you identify where your excuses hold out and instantly provide you a 20-page, personalized and confidential report indicating where to start making changes!

2ndGet the book, Fire Your Excuses- With the insights gained from your FYE Self Assessment, this will help you with further insight and instruction necessary to “walk the last mile of denial” on the path to permanent change.

3rdSign up for the E-Newletter– If you have not already done so, signing up for the newsletter will guarantee that you continue to have the necessary tools, updates, and access to the FYE online community. We promise never to spam you or give your information to anyone else.

4thSign up for a Fire Your Excuses Coaching program– What would it mean to you emotionally or financially to finally achieve your goal, this year, not someday?  Let one of our FYE coaches help you develop a challenging but realistic plan, then to stay on track. Any of the three coaching programs will ensure that you have the accountability and professional support you need.

5thSign up for a Fire Your Excuses Webinar or Seminar– Our speaking and seminar link will provide you with live opportunities to experience Dr Dayhoff and Dyment’s powerful insights from their book Fire Your Excuses, and coaching programs to help you get to the next level!  We have scheduled a number of corporate programs already in the new year.  Look for webinar and in-person events soon.


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