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14.11.11 Final FYE website digital book offer_edited-2The above photo is of co-author, Dr. Bill Dyment’s father who served in the U.S. Army in Korea (1953)

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When people hear us say that a life of serving is the ultimate benchmark of having “fired one’s excuses” their thoughts often go to their level of involvement in local charities, international relief organizations and their kid’s sports equipment drive. We support such big serving activities too.

At their best, these campaigns and causes can have a tremendous impact on the classroom, the community and the world.  They can teach citizenship, make a difference for those suffering with debilitating diseases and mountainous challenges, and help to rescue those suffering gross social injustices and poverty. But, at their worst, these big, public, serving activities can devolve into mandatory social obligations, feel far removed from real life, and even become “trendy.” Most of us have attended charity events that felt more like a place “to see and be seen.”  Or, we have received correspondence from a company whose charitable or ecofriendly campaign appeared to be nothing more than a thinly-veiled marketing attempt to be seen as caring.

We’d like to encourage you to expand your view of service by going “small,” by thinking with us about creative, highly impactful and, in many cases, anonymous ways of “serving small.” This type of serving is one-to-one, impacting those you know well and those you don’t but with whom your lives intersect daily.

Here are 10 easy but powerful ways you can start serving small:

  1. Reach out to three of your LinkedIn connections each week and ask:  “What are you working on (more formal) or “what are you up to these days? (less formal, for a closer colleague or friend.)  Anything I can do to help?”
  2. Text three people and simply say:  “I am thinking about you today, how are you doing with ______[insert challenge, big project, or blessing here.]  If you are spiritually-minded you might say, “I know you are [dealing with a big challenge/decision, etc.] Just wanted to let you know I am think about you and praying for you today.”

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Join us as we serve those affected by HIV in Kayamandi Township, South Africa, May 19-24, and receive a free Fire Your Excuses book!

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Mastermind Groups:

Are You Missing Out?

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In May, 2013, I formed a mastermind group of six with the help of my colleague and friend, Trent Adams. It is not an exaggeration to say it was the best business decision made all year. Not only have we dissected each of our businesses in a grueling but highly-rewarding fashion that would make the Shark Tank venture capitalists proud, we have laughed together, challenged, and been there for each other through personal and business changes, crises, and triumphs.

Our rules were fairly simple:  Each person committed for three months to meeting for 90 minutes every Wednesday before work and 80% attendance was required, no exceptions. To our delight, it worked and all agreed to continue for at least a year. Today, we routinely turn down requests to join our group as word has got around that we have a good thing going.  Truly, we all feel as if our investment of time has become an almost unfair business advantage.  What’s more, it has been a commitment to myself and my business development, I wish I had implemented years ago.  This post is designed to explain a bit more about mastermind groups, in general, to help you decide if joining or starting one is right for you too.

If you haven’t heard much about mastermind groups yet, you will. Thanks, in part, to the praise they have been receiving from some of the top business podcasters, they are springing up everywhere these days. Mastermind groups are usually limited to a maximum of 8-10 people.​ While not a new phenomenon—Ben Franklin was in a Philadelphia group he called the “junto” (latin for “meeting”) for 37 years, they are experiencing a fresh, 21st century resurgence. Some take place in-person, others are made possible by fast web-based video and cheap phone connections. All are fueled by a growing understanding that collaboration with others is the primary way of succeeding in today’s interdependent marketplace.

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What happens to the “temperature” of the room when you walk in?

Andrea shuffles into the ballroom and sits a chair or two away from the nearest attendee. Her head down, she intently scrolls through her phone for a last minute message or two.  A few moments later, she looks up and we greet her with a hello and a quick introduction. She politely responds and instantly resumes her typing. At that moment, Pam enters. Picking up the presentation materials and scanning the room for her preferred seat, she chooses one four rows from the front.  Warmly, she introduces herself and says, “I am so looking forward to this. I hope we have a great turnout.  We really need to hear this.”  Immediately, those nearby turn toward her and begin to engage in conversation.  She smiles broadly and laughs easily. Maybe, she is their manager, we guess. We soon learn we are wrong. Pam is a new hire.  In fact, Andrea, who remains isolated by a wide buffer of empty chairs, is her boss.

Researchers have known for some time that those who express a joyful spirit also have the most influence, be it in a boardroom or among a group of friends. It is important to note that a warm or cold demeanor is something separate from one’s extrovert or introvert personality leanings. Case in point: Some of our most encouraging participants, never say a word throughout our seminars but their body language, facial expressions and eye contact exude openness and warmth.

In a fascinating study, father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, along with Harold Zullow examined the outcome of 10 presidential elections. With the exception of the 1968 campaign, November’s winner was the more optimistic one; even if he trailed in the polls! (see link)

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